Saturday, 18 January 2014

Don't worry, be happy! Pose Pack | by xLoesje123

Hi everybody!

STOP! Do you have the pose player? If you don't, go HERE and download it. If you skip this step, you can't use the poses at all. So you'll be sorry!

In my vacation (Christmas and new year) I started a project from 64 poses, divided over 4 pose packs. After my vacation I was very very busy with all kinds of tests, but I had finished 3 pose packs at that point. So here's number 1; Don't worry, be happy! I really hope you enjoy these poses, and if you have something to notice, please let me know so I can make my work better :) It is of course compatible with the Pose List.

You guessed it, PICTURE TIME =)

Lots of Love, xLoesje123

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